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Last Updated 10/27/2022
Henan Province Geology and Mineral Construction Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd.
河南省地矿建设工程(集团)有限公司 | NunaNetwork ID#: 8589009596043
Company Information
Unified Social Credit Code:
Taxpayer Identification Number:
Business Registration Number:
Organization Code:
Used Name:
No records found
Date of Establishment:
Expiry of License:
Annual Inspection Date:
No records found
Most Recent Annual Return:
Main Industry:
Mining Industry
Other Mining
Industry Code:
Registration Status:
Company Type:
Limited liability company (sole proprietorship invested or controlled by a non-natural person)
Registered Capital:
RMB 130,000,000
Paid-up Capital:
No records found
Legal Representative:
He Jun Zhao 何俊照
No. 25, Huzhu Road, Zhengzhou City 郑州市互助路25号
Administration Division:
Xingyang City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
Registration Bureau:
Zhengzhou Zhongyuan District Market Supervision Administration 郑州市中原区市场监督管理局
Business Scope: Municipal public works general contracting class I, foundation and foundation engineering professional contracting class I, water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction general contracting class I, highway engineering construction general contracting class II (the above are operated according to the scope of the qualification certificate); comprehensive engineering survey class A; well engineering; geological disaster prevention and control engineering construction; contracting overseas foundation and foundation engineering and domestic international bidding projects; exporting equipment and materials required for the above-mentioned overseas projects; dispatching laborers required for the implementation of the above-mentioned overseas projects. Self-operated and agency types of import and export business of various commodities and technologies, except for commodities that are restricted to be operated by companies or prohibited from import and export by the state (the catalogue of import and export commodities is not attached).It is engaged in the processing of imported materials and the "three-to-one-supplement" business, counter-trade and entrepot trade; general contracting of housing construction engineering construction level II; geological drilling; hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology survey; construction mechanical and electrical installation professional contracting.
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